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Want to review first? Great ECG learning modules at here (use AAMC log-on to download zip file; unzip, and then to play .swf files, drag them onto any internet browser window) or watch an Amal Mattu video. Or, if you want to go deeper, review at Life in the Fast Lane here


ECG 5: 9yo girl with 1 month of intermittent fevers, fatigue. No cough, SOB, vomiting, headache, joint pains. Saw PMD 2 weeks ago and diagnosed with viral syndrome. Saw again 2 days ago and had CBC, CMP, ESR, UA – all unrevealing. Comes into ED with c/o syncope. No pets, only recent travel is a week of local summer camp 2 weeks prior to onset of symptoms. Negative PMH, FH.



ECG 4: 7yo with known WPW, h/o previous SVT treated with adenosine successfully, alert but c/o chest discomfort, BP 84/34. Is it OK to give adenosine? Verapamil?



ECG 3: 16yo boy involved in auto vs. bike accident, c/o left chest pain. CT showed left 1st and 3rd rib fractures, large left pneumothorax, left pulmonary contusion.



ECG 2: 11yo girl brought in by ambulance from school; ran 3 laps in P.E. and felt dizzy, sat down and loss consciousness, no tonic-clonic activity but did have urinary incontinence…




ECG 1: 16yo male h/o aortic coarctation repair with residual mitral stenosis, hasn’t seen a cardiologist in 6 years. Presents with weakness, dizzyness…                     Discussion