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Question: Pharm

(Click the link to comment and to vote – voting not working through email, sorry!) Ketamine has been in the news lately, contributing to the death of actor Matthew Perry and playing a part in the recent successful prosecution of… Continue Reading →

Cafeteria run

Your local hospital cafeteria can be a useful resource in managing your PED patients: Sugar liberally applied to the edema of a paraphimosis or rectal prolapse may help decrease swelling and improve reduction efforts A mayonnaise packet provides useful lubricant… Continue Reading →

Analgesia for abscess I&D

You are about to incise and drain a relatively small simple abscess in a healthy child. (Click the link to comment and to vote – voting not working through email, sorry!)

Topical anesthetic for abscesses

Placing topical anesthetic (EMLA, LMX4) on skin abscesses may result in spontaneous drainage, precluding need for incision. If topical anesthetic doesn’t result in spontaneous drainage, it at least provides some skin anesthesia prior to local anesthetic injection for incision and drainage procedure…. Continue Reading →

Improvised mucosal atomizer device

Mucosal atomizer devices improve administration of intranasal medications. Intranasal fentanyl 1.5 mcg/kg is a great way to give stronger pain medication (eg for fractures) without placing an IV. Intranasal midazolam 0.2 mg/kg (use concentrated 5mg/mL form to keep total volume… Continue Reading →

Benzo paradoxical reaction

When was the last time you saw a kid have a paradoxical reaction to a benzo and how did you treat it? a. Wait it out b. More benzos c. Flumazenil d. Haldol e. Something else???  Have heard precedex, ketamine,… Continue Reading →

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