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Part of the new AAP BRUE algorithm’s definition of low-risk BRUE (Brief Resolved Unexplained Event) is that the event duration was < 1 minute. I always ask the caretaker to walk me through what happened step by step, using “and then what” prompting. I have had parents that told me the event lasted 2 minutes whose step-by-step description varied from “I picked her up, called for my husband to call 911, and blew in her face and she started coming around” (probably < 1 minute) to “I picked her up, ran to my neighbor’s house, she was still blue, we laid her on the couch, my neighbor gave mouth-to-mouth, and I called 911” (probably > 1 minute). Another trick I use is to say, “OK let’s say it starts when I say “now”, let me know when you think it stopped… now,” while timing with a stopwatch (available on your phone) – when your baby’s not breathing, 15 seconds can seem like 5 minutes; this helps get a more realistic estimate.
Here's a quick and dirty method to recall developmental milestones Development See the zero 0 as the "o" in tone, as the eyes for gaze, and as the mouth for strong suck The word two (months) is a combination of track and coo At four, the baby finds things funny (laughs) and pushes up on forearms to roll At six, the baby sits and makes sounds Picture the number 9 in a standing position and making a pincer grasp The w in twelve is for words and walks At 2 years old, the child has 2-word sentences and runs on 2 legs
Explain to parents - colds are called colds because viruses thrive in cold temperatures, so fevers are the body's natural way to fight off the cold

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(Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) You are seeing a 4 week old brought in for vomiting with every feed. The vomitus is non-bilious, non-projectile, and non-bloody. The baby is making 5 wet diapers per day and weighs 10 lbs, and has gained 30 gm per day since regaining birth weight at 10 days of age. The baby is formula feeding, taking 5 ounces every 2-3 hours. [yop_poll id="87"]

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