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(Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) A 10-year old child is brought in for swelling that developed 2 hours ago around the mouth as well as a sensation of difficulty swallowing and breathing. Vital signs are normal and she is not hypoxic nor stridorous, but she does have right sided perioral swelling as well as mucous membrane swelling. There is no discoloration. She has no urticaria, pruritis, nor hypotension. She had dental work on her right lower teeth the day prior, and had local anesthetic injection for that. She took one dose of acetaminophen the day prior and one dose 6 hours ago. Her stepfather gave her diphenhydramine 1 hour ago, but it hasn’t helped. The child denies trauma and says that she felt tingling in the area for 1 hour prior to the onset of swelling. [yop_poll id="81"]
(Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) 8yo girl with history of asthma presents with increased work of breathing x 1 day. She is alert but anxious appearing, tachypneic, has retractions and flaring, and her O2 sat is 88% on room air. She has poor air movement and few wheezes are heard. She is given two 5mg albuterol nebulized treatments and oral steroids. An initial venous blood gas had a pH of 7.45 and pCO2 of 34. A repeat blood gas shows a pH of 7.33 and pCO2 48, O2 sat on oxygen with 3rdnebulized albuterol is 91%; her mental status is unchanged [yop_poll id="56"]
A family obtained tuna from the local farmer’s market and prepared it for dinner. The children thought the fish tasted weird, peppery or metallic, but the parents did not, and told the children to stop complaining and eat dinner. Within 20 minutes of consumption, the children complain of headache, dizziness, pruritis, abdominal cramping, and nausea. They appear somewhat flushed in the face, neck, and chest. (Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) [yop_poll id="12"]
A 7yo patient with peanut allergy at a rice krispy treat at a birthday party and discovered afterwards that it was made with peanut butter. She presents with hives, mild swelling of her lower lip and periorbital, and some faint wheezes. O2 sat is 99% on room air. Vital signs are temp 37.6, HR 120, RR 28, BP 90/60. What is your first priority treatment? A. Diphenhydramine 1.25 mg/kg IV B. Epinephrine 0.01 mg/kg of 1mg/mL solution IM C. Methylprednisolone 2 mg/kg IV D. Normal saline 20 cc/kg IV E. RSI and prophylactic intubation Check back in a few days for my answer and others' comments Also, if you're interested in the Peds ID question of the week, go here


(Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) Note: conundrums are not meant to have a “right” answer – they are to see how most people are practicing. Would love your comments also regarding your thought processes and the evidence behind your decisions. We can learn from each other! [poll id="20"]

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