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(Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) A 2 year old child has a flat lesion of the entire left forehead and upper eyelid the color of light red wine that has been present since birth. The family has presented to the ED because they are concerned that the child has right sided weakness.   sturge-weber-1 [yop_poll id="64"]  
(Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) You receive word that the clinic is rushing over a patient with a genetic syndrome and respiratory distress. You have a few moments to look in the electronic chart of the patient and set up the resuscitation room. Which of the following syndromes would make you concerned for a potential difficult airway scenario? [yop_poll id="19"]
17yo boy with long legs and arms, h/o scoliosis and mild pectus excavatum, hyperextensibility of the thumbs, presents with sudden onset ripping quality chest pain and feeling lightheaded. On exam, patient is anxious appearing, afebrile, HR 105, BP 98/45, RR 14, pulse ox 98% RA, alert, HEENT non-revealing, Lungs BCTA, Cor RRR with mid-systolic click followed by a late systolic murmur at the apex, Abd soft ND NT, Extremities and Skin non-contributory.  Of the following, which diagnostic study is the best choice? A) POC troponin B) Arterial blood gas C) Bedside ultrasound looking for lung sliding D) CT angiogram E) CT abdomen

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