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(Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) 8yo girl with history of asthma presents with increased work of breathing x 1 day. She is alert but anxious appearing, tachypneic, has retractions and flaring, and her O2 sat is 88% on room air. She has poor air movement and few wheezes are heard. She is given two 5mg albuterol nebulized treatments and oral steroids. An initial venous blood gas had a pH of 7.45 and pCO2 of 34. A repeat blood gas shows a pH of 7.33 and pCO2 48, O2 sat on oxygen with 3rdnebulized albuterol is 91%; her mental status is unchanged [yop_poll id="56"]
(Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) A 17 year old boy comes is brought in to the ED at 2am for severe retrosternal chest pain that awoke him from sleep. He was well prior to going to bed at 11:30pm, and denies fever, cough, radiation of the pain, vomiting, trauma, foreign body ingestion. He has a past medical history of appendectomy 8 months prior, acne for which he takes an oral antibiotic and uses a topical cream daily, and mild intermittent asthma for which he uses an inhaler once or twice a year "when the weather changes." He is a straight A student applying to colleges currently. His physical examination is normal, as is a CXR and ECG. What is the probable cause of his chest pain? [yop_poll id="28"]


(Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) Note: conundrums are not meant to have a “right” answer – they are to see how most people are practicing. Would love your comments also regarding your thought processes and the evidence behind your decisions. We can learn from each other! [poll id="20"]
It's RSV season and you're seeing a 30 day old ex-39 week infant with a runny nose. The resident has ordered a POC RSV, which is positive. The baby is afebrile, feeding well, and nontoxic. Do you admit the infant just for being RSV positive due to the risk of apnea in this age group? [poll id="11"]
You're seeing a 10yo who weighs 40 kg for acute asthma exacerbation. Do you give decadron or prednisone? If you give decadron, do you give 0.6 mg/kg or a lower dose? What is your maximum dose of decadron for asthma? Click post to read and add comments [poll id="4"]

Tips and Tricks

Easily remember the approximate Oxygen-Hemoglobin dissociation curve as follows: PaO2 40 corresponds to SaO2 70% PaO2 50 corresponds to SaO2 80% PaO2 60 corresponds to SaO2 90% This rule along with a lot of other handy RT knowledge can be found here Read more about PaO2 vs SaO2 at here

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