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(Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) You have sutured a 2cm forhead laceration on a 4yo boy using 6-0 nylon sutures. [yop_poll id="15"]
Which of the following cervical spine findings would you expect to be less common in a young child as compared to an adolescent or adult? (Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) [yop_poll id="11"]  
Jellyfish (Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) [yop_poll id="10"]
A 3 year old comes in after falling 3 feet from the top of a kiddie slide onto cement, hitting his head. His only +PECARN symptom is 2 episodes of vomiting in the 2 hours since the fall. The medical student seeing him states to you that he is PECARN+ and he has discussed CT with the parents. What is the approximate risk of clinically important traumatic brain injury in this patient? (Click the link to comment and to vote - voting not working through email, sorry!) [yop_poll id="7"]
A 17yo boy comes in with complaint of inability to breathe from the right nares. He was seen 2 days ago by his PMD and prescribed amoxicillin for sinusitis, but is not improving. He denies placing any foreign body in his nose. He was in an altercation at school and was hit in the nose 4 days ago. Which of the following would be the most appropriate treatment of this patient’s condition? Septal hematoma A. Change antibiotics to amoxicillin-clavulanate B. Attempt removal of foreign body C. Incision and drainage and nasal packing D. Referral to otorhinolaryngologist for polyp removal Also, if you’re interested in the Peds ID Antibiotics Question of the Week, you can find it here
A 10yo girl is sitting lapbelted in the rear of an SUV that is involved in a rear-end collision at 40mph. She complains of abdominal pain, and has an ecchymosis from the lapbelt going across her lower abdomen. Of the following, which is the LEAST likely injury the patient may have: A. Small bowel injury B. Kidney injury C. Horizontal vertebral body fracture in lower spine D. Spinal cord injury Check back in a few days for my answer and others' comments Also if you're interested in the Peds ID question of the week, go here
A 20kg child sustains a 15% body surface area burn. The best answer for the rate of IV fluids that should be administered over the first 8 hours is: A. 60 cc/hr B. 75 cc/hr C. 120 cc/hr D. 135 cc/hr E. 150 cc/hr
A 10yo was a rear seat passenger in a high-speed MVA, belted only with a lapbelt, and had a hyperflexion injury mechanism during impact. The patient cannot move his legs, and does not have lower extremity sensation to light touch or temperature sensation, but does have intact proprioception and vibration sense. What is the injury?
  1. Anterior cord syndrome
  2. Brown-Sequard cord syndrome
  3. Central cord syndrome
  4. Chance fracture
A child is brought in with a stab wound to the right neck just superior to the cricoid cartilage. What zone of the neck is this? What is the significance of the zones?
A 2 year old is brought in that has chewed on an electrical cord. He has a scab in the corner of his mouth and no active bleeding and is otherwise well appearing with no other trauma. What delayed complication can occur?

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