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LP Needles

The Royal Children’s Hospital of Melbourne has a great clinical guideline for pediatric lumbar puncture

22 gauge spinal needle can be used in all age groups. Use 1.5 inch length in < 2-3 year olds, 3.5 inch length in older (can use 2.5 inch length in 2-12 year olds if available)

20 drops of CSF = ~ 1 mL

AgeWeight (kg)Median spinal cord depthNeedle length (cm)Needle length (in)
Neonate / Infant1-50.9-1.7cm20.8
Toddler 12-18mo102.4cm31.2

Formulas to estimate median spinal cord depth (mm):

Neonates and infants: 2 (wt in kg) + 7 mm

Children: 0.4 (wt in kg) + 20 mm


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