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As patients and parents observe shelter-in-place recommendations, PED volumes are down nationwide. On slow shifts, we are all looking for opportunities and resources to educate ourselves and our trainees. MedEdGuru has a great resource catalog of educational offerings, and there's a handy "pediatric specific" checkbox below the filters as well! Open Pediatrics also has two great simulators (also linked from the PEMsource FOAM page): a Ventilator Simulator and a fun ED simulator (pick VS Peds for pediatric only patients) complete with interruptions and multiple roomed patients. Finally, PEMsource offers 100 PED Cases to go through, ordered in groups of 10 from neonates to teens, and PEM Playbook has an amazing array of podcasts with informative show notes
Check out these cuties that CHOC PED physician and former Harbor PEM fellow Seth Brindis makes! See below for step-by-step instructions and more ideas for toys to make with medical supplies. Tongue Depressor Puppets Here are instructions put together by Seth, and a video of them in action. And here are some more ideas for toys to make in the PED (thanks to former Harbor PEM fellow Casey Buitenhuys for the glowstick idea): make-your-own-toys

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