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New PEM Podcast

There’s a (relatively) new PEM podcast in town – Peds-Centered – which “provides leading-edge information and conversations with experts in the field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care, and Pediatric Hospital Medicine.” And don’t forget all the other great… Continue Reading →

PEM Pods

Learn some pediatric emergency medicine while you drive, do dishes, fold laundry, etc. The best known PEM podcast is Tim Horeczko’s (Harbor-UCLA) PEM Playbook – whereby Tim coaches you through tons of great learning, methodical approaches to PEM problems, and… Continue Reading →


Visuals, infographics, algorithms, charts, mnemonics etc. are great ways to quickly review, to provide on-shift teaching, even to keep notes for board review. I organize mine in Evernote, which is easily searchable, but there are numerous other options. Cool graphics… Continue Reading →

Tele SimBox

As many programs have moved to Zoom (or other virtual meeting space programs) conferences, don’t think that you have to give up Simulation! There are 7 amazing pediatric emergency medicine tele-sim cases (and likely more to come – instructions for… Continue Reading →

Med Ed resources

As patients and parents observe shelter-in-place recommendations, PED volumes are down nationwide. On slow shifts, we are all looking for opportunities and resources to educate ourselves and our trainees. MedEdGuru has a great resource catalog of educational offerings, and there’s… Continue Reading →


You know PECARN has done some trial relevant to the patient you’re seeing; you just can’t remember the trial, or the results… You wonder if the inclusion/exclusion criteria matches your patient at all. The amazing P3 team at AliEM has… Continue Reading →

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