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Cochrane Library  Cochrane systematic reviews

TREKK Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids, Canada

Annals EM Systematic Review Snapshots

Best BETs Best Evidence Topics ED Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK

the NNT Number needed to treat


Multiple dose ipratropium for acute asthma Plotnick & Ducharme, Cochrane 2000

Decadron for Acute Asthma Exacerbation meta-analysis, Pediatrics 2014


No codeine for kids under age 12 years Acta Paediatr review 2015

Ibuprofen as effective as acetaminophen + codeine Annals EM 2009

Ibuprofen in 3-6mo olds Pediatric Drugs 2017

Analgesic ceilings: ibuprofen 400 mg and ketorolac 10 mg Annals EM 2019, 2017

Trauma / Ortho

PECARN head trauma study, Kuppermann et al, Lancet 2009;374:1160-70

Salter-Harris I fractures, how frequent are they? Boutis 2016 and Hofsli 2016

Lack of utility of FAST in pediatric trauma Holmes JAMA 2017

NSAIDs and fracture healing meta-analysis and peds RCT

Critical Care

Dopamine vs Epinephrine for pediatric septic shock 2015 and 2016


Systematic review of hyperpyrexia (T>40) and SBI Eur J Pediatr 2018

Bacteremia in fever + petechiae Mandl J Pediatr 1997


High flow O2 for bronchiolitis Franklin NEJM 2018

Steroids for croup Cochrane Review 2023

Croup observation after racemic epi     Ledwith 1995      Prendergast 1997     


Complex febrile seizures and need for LP Guedj 2017

No difference levetiracetam, fosphenytoin, valproate in status epilepticus

ESETT trial                            EcLiPSE trial                                 ConSEPT trial

Endocrine / Metabolic

Fluids in pediatric DKA Kuppermann NEJM 2018