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Question: Airway

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Which of the following is true about airway maneuvers during pediatric laryngoscopy for endotracheal intubation?

pemsou5_wp • September 28, 2021

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  1. Kelly October 3, 2021 - 9:07 pm Reply

    C) BURP (Backward, upward, rightward pressure) is a form of external laryngeal manipulation (ELM) meant to improve the view of the glottis. The operator presses on the patient’s larynx to push the larynx posterior (backwards), superior (upwards), and slightly toward the patient’s right. BURP often improves the glottic view in adult patients, but may actually worsen the view in children. Cricoid pressure (aka Sellick maneuver) involves pressing down on the cricoid cartilage to compress the esophagus and prevent regurgitation. It is no longer routinely recommended in PALS as there is insufficient evidence that it actually prevents regurgitation and it may worsen the glottic view.

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