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You are seeing an 8-year-old boy for prolonged nosebleed last night and this morning. Last night it happened on the right nares, and this morning on the left nares. Dad is a nurse and held pressure until the bleeding stopped, and there is currently no bleeding. Exam shows temp 37.5, HR 90, RR 24, BP 94/56. Exam is negative for lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, or pallor. There is a small amount of dried blood in the left nares. His parents did not notice any rash, but on exam with the patient undressed you notice a few petechiae on the ankles and across the lower abdomen. There are no purpura. Laboratory values are: WBC 10.3, diff 40% polys, 45% lymphs, 8% monos; Hgb 13, Hct 39, Platelets 1. Lytes, LFTs, BUN/Cr, are all normal. There are no inpatient beds available, so management will begin in the ED. 

What is the most likely next step in management?