There’s a (relatively) new PEM podcast in town – Peds-Centered – which “provides leading-edge information and conversations with experts in the field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care, and Pediatric Hospital Medicine.” And don’t forget all the other great PEM podcasts out there, starting with the O.G. popular PEM Playbook from Tim Horeczko, great for deep dives, show notes, and clever mnemonics. If you have a shorter commute time, there’s quicker tips and tricks from Joe Ravera at PEM GEMS. Listen to PEM Currents, a podcast from PEMBlog – bonus: each topic includes some references. Another bite-sized PEM podcast is PEM Rules, also featuring guests. For a more academic / expert commentary viewpoint CHOP’s PEM Podcast hosted by Robert Belfer features guest experts. Finally, Pulse Check from Ruchika & Will covers non-clinical topics of interest to PEM providers.