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Question: neonate

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You are seeing a 3 day old infant with a new onset rash on the chest and abdomen. The baby was born full-term with no complications and went home yesterday. Mom has been exclusively breastfeeding every 1-2 hours, and ate a bag of peanuts several hours before noticing the baby’s rash. The baby has no fever and is eating and urinating well. There is no history of maternal infections.

Which of the following is appropriate management?

pemsou5_wp • June 7, 2022

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  1. Kelly June 8, 2022 - 10:20 pm Reply

    A) Reassurance and close follow-up
    The rash depicted is erythema toxicum, a common benign rash in neonates. It typically appears in the first few days of life in term infants, and the first few weeks of life in pre-term infants. It may have a wheal and flare appearance similar to hives. It occurs throughout the body, except for on the palms and soles, but is especially common on the torso. Babies with erythema toxicum are well otherwise, with no systemic symptoms. It typically self-resolves in 1-2 weeks and requires no treatment. Picture from

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