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Question: COVID Vacc

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Your ED is providing patients who are eligible and interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine the opportunity to receive the 1st dose of an mRNA vaccine approved for age 12 years and older during the ED visit. 

Which of the following patients should not receive the COVID vaccine?

pemsou5_wp • September 7, 2021

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  1. Kelly September 9, 2021 - 12:34 pm Reply

    A) 17 year old girl being seen for mental health issues with a mild runny nose and a positive COVID test in the ED
    A patient with active COVID + infection (even if asymptomatic) should not receive COVID vaccine until the 10-day period of quarantine is over, symptoms are improving, and they are afebrile for 24 hours without antipyretic therapy. Co-administration with other vaccines and pregnancy and lactation are not contraindications. Patient who have received monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma as therapy for a prior COVID infection should wait 90 days before vaccination. Known polyethylene glycol allergy is a contraindication for the mRNA COVID vaccines, and known polysorbate allergy is a contraindication for the J&J vaccine. Polysorbate allergy is only a precaution for the mRNA vaccines.

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