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Question: Gyn

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Which of the following is not associated with an increased likelihood of ovarian torsion?
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pemsou5_wp • August 3, 2021

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  1. Kelly August 5, 2021 - 10:55 pm Reply

    D) Malignant mass (as compared to benign cyst)
    Ovarian torsion can be seen in all ages, even as a fetus, but pediatric ovarian torsion is more commonly seen in adolescents. The right ovary is affected more often than the left. Common symptoms include vomiting and sudden onset abdominal pain. Ovarian mass > 5 cm in diameter carries a 2x higher odds of torsion. Fixed masses, such as malignancies, tubo-ovarian abscesses, or endometriomas, are less likely to torse.

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