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Question: PTSD

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Which of the following is true regarding post-traumatic stress disorder in children?

pemsou5_wp • June 23, 2020

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  1. Kelly June 23, 2020 - 10:33 am Reply

    D) Intrusive memories of the traumatic event are a hallmark symptom of PTSD

    Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is characterized by 4 symptom clusters after a traumatic event: intrusion, avoidance, hyperarousal, and negative effects on cognition and mood. Studies have shown 10-15% of children develop PTSD after a significant traumatic event, and an even higher proportion develop some PTSD symptoms. Girls are 2-3 times more likely to develop PTSD, even when adjusting for the fact that girls also experience more trauma such as sexual assault and interpersonal violence. Comorbid psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression, behavior difficulties, substance use, and self-harm behaviors are common. There are separate DSM-5 criteria for children under age 6 years and age 6 years and older. Psychotherapy is the mainstay of treatment for PTSD. Sometimes pharmacotherapy is needed when response to psychotherapy has been inadequate.

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