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You are seeing a 13 year old girl with 2 days of left eye redness and pain, and 1 day of fever. She recently got a new kitten and had been having itchy eyes and nasal congestion for the last 2 weeks. Her temperature is 38.3, HR 90, RR 20, BP 110/60, O2 sat 99% on room air. She is alert, has no nuchal rigidity, and is not toxic appearing. She has left periorbital edema and erythema but her eye can be manually opened. She is PERRL, has no chemosis or proptosis, and has mild conjunctival injection but no discharge. Her extraocular movements are full, but she complains of pain with extraocular movements. Her vision is 20/20 on the right and 20/60 on the left.

What is the best management plan for this patient?