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Question: Intubation

A 2 month old ex-30 week premie just discharged from the NICU comes in with respiratory distress and hypoxia. You determine that the patient needs to be intubated. The baby’s weight at discharge was 2.5 kg. What size ETT should you use?

A. 2.5 uncuffed

B. 3.0 uncuffed

C. 3.0 cuffed

D. 3.5 uncuffed

E. 3.5 cuffed

Check back in a few days for my answer and others’ comments

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pemsou5_wp • May 9, 2017

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  1. Kelly Kelley May 9, 2017 - 9:02 am Reply

    D. 3.5 uncuffed

  2. Kelly May 9, 2017 - 12:23 pm Reply

    C. 3.0 cuffed or D. 3.5 uncuffed
    A good way to estimate ETT sizing is 2 kg, use a bigger tube. Another way to estimate ETT sizing for newly born infants if you know the gestational age is gestational age in weeks / 10. So, a 24-25 week infant gets a 2.5, and a 30 week infant gets a 3.0.

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