A 17yo boy presents with severe sore throat for two days, and fever to 39. He has difficulty swallowing due to pain. He has no cough, congestion, nor ill contacts. His immunizations are up to date. On examination, he is alert, has no respiratory distress or stridor. His oropharynx has 2+ tonsils which are somewhat red, no exudate, no vesicles, no peritonsillar swelling. He has tender cervical lymphadenopathy and is very tender on palpation of his anterior neck at the level of the hyoid bone. The most appropriate management is:

A. Obtain lateral neck X-ray in the ED and consult ENT specialist

B. Consult ENT specialist to intubate the patient in the O.R.

C. Give dexamethasone and penicillin-benzathine and discharge home

D. Recommend supportive care for a viral URI

E. Obtain a CT scan to evaluate for deep neck infection